Increase your brand following.

The best place to use video advertising is on social platforms, hands down. Social media is where people go to interact with each other and content. It is where they go already having the mindset to engage and share what they find with their friends and family. Naturally, it is the place to bring your brand alive by giving it a voice and a personality. High quality social media video gives your business professional credibility and creates a lasting connection to real people to build a loyal following. The perfectly produced video content is infinitely shareable and grows your brand recognition organically.


Studio T Creative produces perfectly balanced social media video that engenders trust by using organic feeling, professionally shot content full of authenticity, genuine connection, and engaging storytelling.  


Authenticity sells products more than celebrity endorsements these days. After all, no one believes Kim Kardashian wears Maybelline makeup. Endorsements from friends sell products, but before you get that share your social media video must capture and keep the viewer’s attention by establishing a genuine connection.


Studio T has proven video content creators with experience telling stories that captivate and motivate.

To keep up in today’s competitive market you need high-quality social media video ads that are interesting, interactive, and timeless or spot-on timely. Our creative team brings you Emmy Award-winning level talent, literally.

We can tell your story with adventure, humor, and compassion; with awe, laughter and tears.


Axonn Research found 7 in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them. While it is true that Facebook gets 4 billion views a day and YouTube gets 5 billion views, to get seen and be successful you need amazing writers paired with professional video production.  People determine the quality of the brand by the quality of video they produce.



Social media comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. We create all kinds of visual micro-content like memes and gifs along with short form and long form videos. 


We work closely with you throughout each stage of the process and provide turnkey solutions. We are collaborators, and we understand every client and every project is different, so we’ll create a process that will fit your need and your personality.




We offer various options depending on your needs. Branded and Social media content varies vastly and thus it is hard to determine a set price for it until we know more about your project. Please reach out and get a quote for your project.


Overall, it comes down to three factors –


1: Complexity of the project.

2: Length of the video

3: Turnaround time.