Increase sales.

E-commerce product demo videos have the incredible ability to increase conversions by far. People want to know exactly how your products work, why they need it, and what it will do to make their life better.

Most of it comes down to convenience. That’s why, here at Studio T, we’ve worked tirelessly to work out the perfect recipe for videos to solve an issue to which consumers can easily relate. Our mission is to produce stunning product videos that have beauty and brains. In other words, they work.


Studio T Creative creates product videos that are short and sweet, tell an engaging story, and most importantly, they give your viewers a reason to relate to your business and what it offers. They enhance the online shopping experience.


Whether you’re selling through your website, on Amazon, eBay or any major retailor like Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc, our product videos integrate with your e-commerce pages, help build brand loyalty and drive online sales. They do so by improving SEO of your site and educating customers so they’re confident about making the purchase.

We also provide visual commerce solutions for social promotion on Facebook and Instagram. Every platform has it’s own storytelling technique and look, and our producers will strategize and create perfect videos that would fit every platform you target. We are masters at creating micro-content like gifs and memes.


We provide videos in different formats, and for different platforms:

  • Images/Memes/GIFs for Instagram, Imgur and others.

  • Square video exports for Facebook.

  • Video exports for E-commerce pages and Youtube.



When it comes to E-Commerce Product videos, our process is simple. Just mail us the product, and let us know how you'd like us to shoot it. We'll do the rest! We'll write the script, find locations,  cast actors as well as finish it with top-notch editing, music and motion graphics. You'll receive a video that's ready to upload online.


We work closely with you throughout each stage of the process and provide turnkey solutions. We are collaborators, and we understand every client and every project is different, so we’ll create a process that will fit your need and your personality.




We offer various options depending on your needs. Our product video packages start at $1,500. However, please reach out and get a quote for your project.


Overall, it comes down to –


1: Complexity of the project.

2: Location requirements.

3: Turnaround time.

4: Number of products.