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Convey intricate or abstract information visually, in short time.

Whiteboard animation video is a tried and true method with rock-solid statistics proving it is uniquely successful at getting audiences to retain information. In fact, it is so successful that some companies use it to teach new languages. The whiteboard style makes conveying intricate or abstract information easy to understand in a very short time. Although it is a cost-efficient way to get a professional video, it is also the best way to convey really complex ideas. Sometimes the best choice isn’t the most expensive.


Studio T Creative delivers superior whiteboard animation video, along with a stunning script and Hollywood level voice talent in the artistic style best suited to your message. You have seconds to capture the viewer and only a few more seconds to wrap up your message in a way that immediately motivates the viewer and is rememberable over time. Only the best planned and professionally polished whiteboard animation video will deliver that.


Our team of professionals brings your brand alive and delivers your message without studio sets, actors or even photographs of your product.  Whiteboard is perfect for products still in the prototyping phase and for products like software, where live-action video isn’t ideal.

Adding a video to your presentation for investors, your convention booth or website homepage adds instant “wow-factor” getting instant credibility for the brand. By far, whiteboard animation is the fastest and cheapest way to get your point across.

Reaching a diverse audience across different languages has never been easier. We can convey the deeper experience of your message in a universally understood way to break down barriers and establish commonality and relatability.

Our artists are talented individuals with experience bringing client visions to life in unique and engaging ways. Today, a marketing plan without video is not a complete marketing plan.

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We have a clear and simple 3-step process: Concept, Design, and Animation. In our standard process, we offer 2 rounds of changes for each step (so 6 in total) where you can give us your feedback to get the amazing explainer video that you are looking for! 




We’ll send you an email or schedule a meeting to figure out a message- such as the objective of the video,  target audience, the tone of the video and any other data we need to begin the project.


We’ll work on a script and send it to you with a list of our voice over talent, so you can choose the perfect spokesperson for your video.


Once the script is approved, we’ll move to the next stage.


In this stage, we’ll figure out how to convey the message in a visual manner. First, we design 2 stylesheets.


Stylesheets are fully illustrated frames from your script. A stylesheet will give you a clear idea of what the characters, text, backgrounds, color palette and graphics will look like and how we'll incorporate branding in the finished video. 

Once a style is approved, we send out storyboards with rough sketches for the rest of the script. 


Once the storyboard, style frames and voiceover are approved, we’ll design the illustrations and animate it to bring the story to life.


We’ll also add custom music and sound effects. And ta da! Your video is complete! 


We offer various options depending on your needs. Our whiteboard videos range from $1000 – $2000/ 60 seconds.


Overall, it comes down to three factors –


1: Complexity of animation

2: Length of the video

3: Turnaround time.


Each video is different, so please get in touch with us for a specific quote or simply reach out to discuss your project and let us help you figure out the best possible option for you.


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